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Bornok Situmorang S.E., M. Ak.

A Study on Competitive Strategy and Vegetarian Restaurants’ Performance in Indonesia: Mediation and Psychological Impact of Loyalty of customers

2023, Bornok Situmorang;Noorlailie Soewarno;

The Influence of Managerial Ownership, Leverage, and Profitability on Tax Avoidance in Manufacturing Companies

2021, Bornok Situmorang;Vivian Anastasia;

The Influence of Accounting Conservatism, Company Size on Tax Avoidance in Mining Sector Companies Listed on the IDX in 2017-2019

2021, Bornok Situmorang

Analysis of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Working Capital Use in Various Electronics Industry Sub-Sector Companies Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) in 2017-2019

2021, Bornok Situmorang

Hardi Bahar S.E., M. Si.

Analysis of Asset Management Capability on Business Performance Among SMEs in Batam City During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2022, Hardi Bahar;Emi Lestari;

Analysis of Intellectual Capabilities in Preparing Financial Reports on Competitiveness for MSMEs in Batam City in Facing the AEC

2019, Hardi Bahar

Evaluation of Internal Control in Managing the Cash Receipt and Disbursement System for MSMEs in Batam City

2018, Hardi Bahar;David Ginting;

The Influence of the Accounting Information Quality on Managerial Performance at PT Prudential Life Assurance

2015, Hardi Bahar

Ni Putu Winda Ayuningtyas, S.E., M.Si

Analysis of Crowe’s Fraud Pentagon Perspective in Detecting Indications of Fraudulent Financial Statements

2023, Ni Putu Winda Ayuningtyas;Syarif Hidayah Lubis;

The Influence of the Proportion of Independent Commissioners, Leverage, Sales Growth and Profitability on Tax Avoidance

2018, Ni Putu Winda Ayuningtyas;I Ketut Sujana;

Syarif Hidayah Lubis S.E., M. Si.

The Influence of Assets, Debt and Working Capital on Share Prices in the Palm Oil Plantation Sector

2022, Syarif Hidayah Lubis;Ni Putu Winda Ayuningtyas

The Effect Of PER and Dividend Yield On Banking Share Prices The Idx In 2020

2021, Syarif Hidayah Lubis;Agus Defri Yando;

Analysis of Profitability, Solvency, and Company Size on the Submission Punctuality of Company Financial Reports on the IDX

2021, Syarif Hidayah Lubis;Bahar Hardi;Agung Joni Saputra;

Factors That Influence Share Prices in Manufacturing Companies on the Indonesian Stock Exchange

2020, Syarif Hidayah Lubis


Afrianti Elsye Vanomy, A.Md, S.E., M.M.

The Role of E-Wallet’s Actual Consumer in Indonesia with Policy Perspective and Consumer Perception Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Method

2023, Reni;Afrianti Elsye Vanomy;

Dr. Didi Sundiman, S.T., M.M.

Sustainable Leadership Key Factors: Study On Profit And Non Profit Organisations In Batam Indonesia

2020, Willy Candra;Didi Sundiman;


2019, Nerry Kristina;Venny Venny;Veny Vironika;Didi Sundiman;

Task-Individual-Social Software Fit in Knowledge Creation Performance

2019, Didi Sundiman;Chien Hsing Wu;Andi Mursidi;I-Hsien Ting;

Knowledge management key factors: an empirical research on small and mediumsized enterprises in Indonesia

2019, Didi Sundiman;Chien Hsing Wu;Andi Mursidi;Surya Budi Putra Johan;Asmara Indahingwati;

Emi Lestari, S.E., M.M.


2023, Emi Lestari;Hardi Bahar;

Ibnu Harris, S.Kom., M.M.

The Effectiveness of Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, and Micro Influencers in Forming Brand Evangelists

2023, Kristian;Ibnu Harris;

The Technology Acceptance Model of Mobile Payment Usage on Generation Z

2020, Nerry Kristina;Ibnu Harris;

Mochammad Nugraha Reza Pradana, S.E., M.M.

Analisis Perbandingan Tingkat Pengembalian Dan Risiko Antara Indeks Saham Syariah Dan Indeks Saham Konvensional Di Bursa Efek Indonesia

2020, Dian Rukmini;Mochammad Nugraha Reza Pradana;

Pengaruh Penggunaan Social Media Terhadap Brand Awareness Pada Objek Wisata Di Kota Batam

2018, Debby Arisandi;Mohamad Nugraha Reza Pradana;

Pengaruh Likuiditas dan Variabel Eksternal Terhadap Non Performing Financing Pada Bank Syariah

2018, Mochammad Nugraha Reza Pradana

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