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Alumni Share Their Experiences of Studying at UVERS and After Graduation

Batam, 17 August 2022  Experience is indeed the most profound educator. Each individual has undergone experiences that have significantly moulded their identity. The narratives we construct around our experiences influence our future decisions and interactions with others. The significance we attribute to these experiences is of utmost importance.

During the New Student Orientation (ORMARU) 2.2, esteemed graduates of UVERS Management shared their experiences garnered over the four years they spent studying at UVERS, as well as their accomplishments post-graduation. The speakers for this event were Ilen Lim, Tri Oktajaya, Yossi Maitrina, and Sofian. They generously shared numerous experiences from their time at UVERS Business School and their subsequent transition into the professional world. The experiences and advice imparted will serve to guide, inspire, and motivate the new students of 2022 to successfully navigate their educational journey in the future.

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