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Congratulations on Universitas Universal’ Undergraduate Class of 2022!

Batam, 31 October 2022 — The vision of the FB-UVERS, the Business Faculty of Universitas Universal is to become a leading business faculty with a global network and to make academic and practical contributions in the field of sustainable business based on the values of “One World Family”. The process of FB-UVERS is based on the curriculum developed from the concept of “The Survival Path of Humanity” written by YM. Grand Elder Wang. The three basic essences of life that every human being must have in order to survive in the future are an understanding of spiritual life (spirituality), physical life (knowledge) and conscious awareness (character). The Three Essences of Life are the fundamental concepts for building the Faculty’s vision of sustainable business. 

Over the course of the four years of education at Universitas Universal, the students have acquired knowledge, skills, and noble character that are expected to become the basic foundation. This foundation is also a compass for each graduate to enter and actively participate in sustainable business development, working to build and shape a world united as one family – a world that is prosperous, happy and mutually successful for humanity and the entire universe.

Once again, congratulations to all 2022 graduates of the UVERS Business Faculty. We wish you a journey of good health, continuous learning, and fruitful collaboration as you embark on your careers and contribute to a united, prosperous world.

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