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Enthusiasm of Students in Fo Guang University’s International Public Lecture

Batam, 4 March 2024 — The International Public Lecture occurred on 27 February 2024 at Universitas Universal’s Harmony Auditorium. Two guest speakers, Prof. Han Chuanxiao and Prof. Xu Youlun from Fo Guang University, were invited by Universitas Universal. 

The activity consisted of two sessions, with the first session titled “Noble Person-Management Application and Thinking Construction” and presented by Prof. Han Chuanxiao. During the first session, the speaker discussed how individuals and organizations could achieve resource excellence. The second session, presented by Prof Xu Youlun, covered the topic of “Diversified Management of A Healthy Lifestyle”. The presentation focused on proper management techniques for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the speaker invited students to participate in a practice session where they learned how to make a simple anti-epidemic fragrance bag.

The lecture was delivered in Mandarin with the assistance of a translator. This lecture enhanced the ability of UVERS Faculty of Business students to attend the public lecture with enthusiasm. The insights that Prof. Han Chuanxiao and Prof. Xu Youlun share will provide new perspectives and be implemented in our daily lives, creating a more One World Family.

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