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Faculty of Business Public Lecture: Risks in Banking

Batam, 13 May 2024 — The banking sector is one of the most vulnerable to money-related risks. It plays a crucial role in the economy and has complex responsibilities. There are various risks involved, which could affect the economy as a whole. UVERS Faculty of Business invited Mr. Nugrahadi Perdana, S.M. as apractitioner lecturer to give a public class about “Risks in Banking” on Risk Management and Financial Institutions class, as well as Banks and Financial Institutions class. This activity was held at the Harmoni Auditorium of UVERS on 10 May 2024. Briefly, Mr. Nugrahadi is a UVERS alumnus who currently holds the position of Manager at a Rural Bank (BPR) and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the banking sector.

Mr. Nugrahadi began the activity by presenting an overview of banking and its products. Then he explained common banking risks and how to manage them. It is important to recognise that each risk requires different mitigation strategies. To gain a deeper insight into the potential risks in banking, the speakers also presented a series of case studies. The students were very enthusiastic. A number of questions were raised during the question and answer session, which also led to some intense discussions.

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