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Management Students and Alumni Participated in Field Assessment Activities for The Re-accreditation of The Management Department

Batam, 13 April 2023 — Students and graduates from each year of the programme have been involved in the Field Assessment Activities in the context of Re-Accreditation of the Management Department by the Institute for Self-Accreditation of Business Management Economics and Accounting (LAMEMBA), which took place on 11 and 12 April 2023. They supported this activity alongside their daily tasks. During the interview process conducted by the Assessor Team, the transparency of the students and alumni will definitely help the UVERS Business Faculty to move forward in providing services and teaching to the students. In addition, the faculty would like to thank the students and alumni of the Management programme for their participation in this field assessment. 

“May whatever you have put into this process, be realised and bring blessings to us all.”

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