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MBKM Curriculum Workshop Activities: Implementing MBKM Curriculum Using Project Based Learning Method (PBL)

Batam, 29 August 2023  — UVERS Faculty of Business held another workshop. Recently, the faculty organised a two-day MBKM Curriculum Workshop to discuss the implementation of the MBKM Curriculum using the Project-Based Learning Method (PBL). The workshop aimed to provide a clear and concise understanding of the PBL method and its application in the MBKM Curriculum. The workshop was attended by all lecturers of Universitas Universal and featured Mrs. Auditia Setiobudi, S.E., MBA from Ciputra University Surabaya as a speaker.

During the event, Mrs. Auditia explained how to design learning projects that are relevant and interesting. The use of interactive website tools is essential when applying the PBL method. Further, both speaker and participants also tried using PBL tools, such as Quizizz and Pacdora, as interactive learning media. As a result, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the concepts, principles, views, and applications of PBL that are suitable in the learning process.

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