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“My Inspiration” Seminar Series 1: Productivity in the Pandemic Era by Sofian “Abang Seni”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, students are encouraged to remain committed to their studies and engage in positive activities despite the limitations. Sofian, a student of the Management Department at Universal University (UVERS), serves as an excellent example of such commitment.

Sofian, also known as Abang, was invited to share his work and learning activities during the pandemic in a webinar titled ‘Productivity during Pandemic’ organized by the UVERS Management Student Association (HMM). During the webinar held on Sunday (03/10), Abang shared various activities that had become his habit before and after the pandemic.

Abang has disclosed that he is currently studying at UVERS while also engaging in various activities such as creating artworks, running restaurant operations, conducting property marketing activities, and actively participating in social activities. Due to the density of his schedule, Abang has had to reduce his leisure and play time. He believes that to achieve something different from others, one must make sacrifices, especially time.

Abang, who is an entrepreneur, is very passionate about the arts. He regularly creates artwork, including a memorable piece – a face sketch of President Joko Widodo made from around 50,000 toothpicks over a period of 5 months. Abang’s latest work is a face sketch of Markus Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya, created from around 5000 used shuttlecocks. The work gained widespread attention online until Abang was invited to Jakarta to present it to The Minions, who are Indonesia’s top men’s doubles badminton players and the first in the world.

“Pandemic or not, Abang will continue making art because it has become part of my life,” said Sofian. 

Although his interest in art was not supported by his family, Abang remained consistent in his work. This consistency was eventually rewarded by breaking four MURI records and winning seven copyrights for his artwork. This achievement is a source of great pride because it was accomplished while studying, running a culinary business, and engaging in social activities. Abang recognizes that this achievement began with courage and was carried out wholeheartedly.

Abang stated that despite being busy with various activities, he never forgot his aspiration to become a scholar. During the webinar, he emphasized to the students the significance of academic knowledge in carrying out his activities, which he learned while studying at UVERS. (AS)

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