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Staff Development in-House Training: Managing a Digital Business Laboratory

Batam, 7 October 2023 — Education is currently undergoing a major shift towards making learning practical. The Mastery Learning Apprenticeship (MBKM) approach also highlights the importance of practical experience in education. Therefore, business laboratory can be a crucial component in delivering more contextualised and relevant.

On 6th October 2023, the UVERS Faculty of Business held a Staff Development In-House Training activity at the UVERS Digital Business Laboratory. The training featured Mr Aloysius Bernanda Gunawan as speaker, who is Business Incubation Manager for Global Employability & Entrepreneurship at BINUS University. The focus of the training was on managing a digital business laboratory.

During the Staff Development In-House Training, the participants, particularly lecturers, gained a thorough understanding of developing contextualized learning materials. The practicum mode can be integrated into the MBKM curriculum as a whole, especially by lecturers. Additionally, innovative methods and technology can be applied during practicum learning to enhance evaluation. Mr Aloysius also mentioned that the development of the assessment is adapted to the skills that the students want to achieve.

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