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Three UVERS Alumni Joined The Business Faculty

Batam, 13 Desember 2023 — It is said that one of the characteristics of a leader is the ability to generate the next leader. Similarly, a good lecturer should be capable of producing the next lecturer. The UVERS Faculty of Business is pleased to announce that, starting from the even semester of 2023/2024, three alumni of the Faculty of Business will join as lecturers from among practitioners. They are Tri Oktajaya, S.Ak., M.Ak.CA, AWP, BKP, CBV. (Accounting 2016), Yossi Maitrina, S.M., M.M. (Management 2015), and Agus Chandra, S.M., S.H., M.Kom., AWP. (Management 2016). They will share their knowledge and character traits with students of the Faculty of Business at UVERS. 

Welcome Okta, Yossi, and Agus! Let’s work together as one family to build the next generation!

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