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Management Student Business Group: A Top 100 Contender at the 2022 National Entrepreneurship Awards

Batam, 18 November 2022 — Perseverance can lead to success and having faith in one’s goals is crucial. This principle was exemplified in a challenging journey that resulted in a victorious announcement from the Business Faculty. Out of 771 business proposals that were reviewed, three entrepreneurial groups from UVERS Business Faculty made it to the top 100 business concepts evaluated at the 2022 National Entrepreneurship Award. The successful groups are Blessing Club – Kaizo Patch, Edu Cafe, and ClickEO. 

To summarise, Universitas Lancang Kuning in Pekanbaru City, Riau Province graciously hosted the Entrepreneurship Award (EA) VI LLDIKTI Region X 2022. The event was themed ‘Cultivating Young Entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurship Award in Support of the MBKM Programme’ and aimed at the Private University Level in LLDIKTI Region X. After the desk evaluation phase, the top 100 groups in each category (Ongoing Business and Business Plan) advanced to the final stage. In the Ongoing Business category, each group presented their products and in the Business Plan category, they showcased posters and interviews.

Congratulations to Blessing Club – Kaizo Patch, Edu Cafe, and ClickEO!

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